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​DBInv. (Formerly De-Kalo Ben-Yehuda & Co) is a leading Israeli boutique investment bank, specializing in fund raising, mergers & acquisitions, and unique advisory services. Since 1998, DBInv has provided a wide range of Israeli and international companies with expert, personalized services that maximize the value of every transaction opportunity.

Our effectiveness in bringing together successful deals for our clients is proven by their own business success and by the number of companies who have turned to DB to manage multiple transactions. We are committed to nurturing long-term relationships and to supporting our clients' needs at every stage of their establishment and growth.

The DBInv team comprises senior investment professionals who have experience in both Israeli and international capital markets, and expertise in a wide range of industries and financial services specialties.

In all our client work, we apply a unique approach that combines the strength of professional expertise usually found at large investment houses with the personal touch of a small, service-oriented firm.


Serving all segments of the technology and traditional marketplace, we work with companies of every size, from well-established public and international companies to startups and investment groups.


Our extensive network of affiliations with leading international investment banking firms has proved invaluable to many of our Israeli clients by providing direct access to decision makers at leading international technology companies.

Amir Ben-Yehuda - Founder


Amir leads all aspects of DBInv. In this role he has led many significant transactions involving private placements and mergers of companies in technology and traditional industry sectors. With more than 20 years of experience in investment banking, he has worked with a wide range of companies, providing them with in-depth expertise in finance and M&A advisory services.


Prior to founding DB, Amir was a consultant to Tapuz (Orange) in its effort to become Israel's third cellular carrier, where he was responsible for investment valuations and analysis, project finance, formulation of marketing strategy and coordination of legal matters. Earlier, he was senior investment banker at Lahat Lew, Vice President of Business Development at Pacific Mediterranean Holdings, and an Associate at Giza Investment Bank.


Amir has worked closely with clients on acquisitions, private placements of closed-end investment funds, and valuations, capital restructurings, and spin-offs.


Amir holds a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

The Art of Private Placements and M&A 

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